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COMIC-CON April 13, 2010

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Ok so this may not pertain to animation directly, but it is a subject that can relate to it if nothing else. If you have not heard of Comic-con…you have pretty much been living under a rock. I have to admit that up until 2 years ago I knew nothing of this convention that celebrates all things “pop culture”, but upon hearing about the subject and looking into it further, I have to admit that this is pretty high on my list of things to do before I die. This four day celebration of Comics, Animation, television, movies and more allows viewers to take a more in-depth look at any and all characters they may love.

Comic-con was started in 1970 as a way of “showcasing comic books, science fiction/fantasy and film/television” according to wikipedia. Today the convention covers much more including animation, webcomics, and video games. It has grown to be the second largest convention in the world. It was filled to capacity last year with 125,000 people and more are expected to come this year.

In the walls of comic-con there are several events that take place. there are rooms devoted to anime, comic books and special toys and collectibles that are only distributed at that years event. On top of these special rooms, the floor is filled with exhibits showcasing all things Pop culture. There is even an exhibit called “Worst cartoons Ever”! I think what amuses me the most is the Masquerade section of the convention. Basically this portion of the event is a costume contest. A chance for animation enthusiast to dress up as their favorite character. It is like Halloween ALL OVER AGAIN….and it can get pretty serious. here are some pics

Basically this is a convention that I believe everyone has to see before they die.It allows the ordinary person to see the extraordinary measures that it takes to create these works of art that we just see as cartoons at times!  AND it’s just a short trip to san-diego and you will be in animation heaven!


4 Responses to “COMIC-CON”

  1. wittel Says:

    I have always wanted to go to this just to people watch! I think that if this were for anything live action that representing a “real life” character could be a bit creepy, so what is great about animation is that it allows you to dress as your favorite character and not be seen as that crazy! It is a great way for people who have such a strong interest in this “world” to get together and talk about their favorite things with others who share that interest.

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  3. sandyshore2 Says:

    I found out about Comic-Con because of being a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan. I never wanted to dress up but find pictures of the people who attend this convention very creative in their costuming! Of course Comic-Con has been taken over by the “Twilight” phenomenon the past several years.

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